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American Drone Industries (ADI) is an Atlanta based drone company, headquartered in Atlanta Georgia. While ADI is based in Atlanta, Georgia our pilots have served clients throughout the United States. American Drone Industries drone footage has been used in commercials, on the news and in movies. ADI has drones that can shoot incredibly well in low light and produce hiqh quality still images. ADI has experience working on large production sets and has footage that has been used by special effects teams. If 5K or 4K RAW major motion picture quality footage is needed, we have in-house solutions and can shoot in D-LOG at high bitrates.

No project is too big or too small for ATL's best drone team. The following are a few areas that ADI has experience in:

American Drone Industries
  • Drone Filming for the Movie Industry
  • Television Commercial Creation Utilizing Aerial Drone Footage
  • Drone Photography For Commercial Real Estate
  • Drone Videos for Residential Real Estate
  • Live Concert Drone Filming
  • Corporate and Special Event Drone Filming
  • Post Production and Online Video Creation

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We service a wide area, but if your project is completed in Georgia you may be able to save up to 30% with the Georgia Film and Television Tax Credits. This can mean tax credit savings for your film, motion picture, movie, television or music video projects. American Drone Industries is honored to be one of a few Atlanta-based, IATSE ICG Local 600 drone crews. The IATSE (International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees) ICG (International Cinematographers Guild) Local 600 represents approximately 8,400 members who work throughout the United States, Canada and the rest of the world in film and television as Directors of Photography, Camera Operators, Camera Assistants (1st AC, 2nd AC), Digital Imaging Technicians, Still Photographers, and all members of camera crews. We have special incentives for IATSE projects, please contact us at 404-382-8010 to learn more.
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ADI has pricing to fit any project and the experience to match your expections. We charge a flat rate of $100 per hour for post-production work. Our video editing experts have experience in Adobe Premiere and Final Cut, ensuring your video looks polished and professional. ADI also has travel rates as low as $0.75 per mile (all trips are round-trip), allowing us to go to where you need us to film without breaking your budget.

American Drone Industries has in-house equipment and cutting edge drones capable of 5k RAW with bitrates up to 4.2 GPS. We have liability policies up to $10 million dollars. Our drone crews bring multiple drones, a minimum of 3-5 hours worth of batteries, multiple camera lens options, and generators to every full-day shoot.

We have discounted pricing for weekly/monthly productions, re-occuring projects, tv/streaming series, and long term movie shoots. Contact us at 404-382-8010 for custom needs with the hourly, half-day and day packages listed below (i.e. 5K RAW, 3P DRONE CREW, 1 DP, 2 DAY). Our standard rates for drone filming or drone photography projects are below (insurance fees might not be included in pricing below):

Call us at 404-382-8010 for pricing of heavy lift drones capable of carrying a directors camera (up to 13.2 lbs).
* All times include baterry charging, digital transfer, driving while on shoot, drone setup and equipment breakdown

- Additional fees for larger insurance needs or addional crew.
- Additional fee if we provide an A.S.C. (American Society of Cinematographers) Director of Photograhy for drone camera operations.
- Additional fee if we need to provide a digital loading assistant (sometimes this is recommended, even if there is a digital loader on set).
- Additional charges may be added for flights where GPS signal is not available (due to insurance costs and flight complexity)


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American Drone Industries can also be found on the following Film and Television Industry links:
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